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Tyranny of the minority poses biggest threat today

In catching up on my reading, I came upon a political cartoon by Michael Ramirez in the Sept. 29 News. In the four panels, he depicts the White House with the captions: “We must negotiate with Iran … with North Korea … with Syria … We must not negotiate with Republicans. They are a threat to our nation.”

While I understand his attempt to lambast the president’s refusal to negotiate with the tea party, yet attempt (on occasion) to talk to terrorist states, another interpretation came to mind.

Have the three stated enemies of the United States prompted the layoffs of scores of U.S. workers? Have they forced the shutdown of Head Start centers or stymied cancer research? Have they lately held Americans “hostage,” weakening the functions and traditions of our government and economy?

Although a worst-case scenario would prompt us to fear the three mentioned countries more, it would appear we are more adversely affected by our own “tyranny of the minority.” Best that Ramirez think through his condemnations.

Gary M. Schulenberg


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