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Letter: Government shutdown is the president’s fault

Government shutdown is the president’s fault

A recent letter writer blamed the government shutdown on the tea party, when it is a very arguable point that President Obama is at fault for the shutdown, as he has never shown that he is willing to negotiate with those outside of his political party.

The writer went on to espouse the virtues of Obamacare, and stated as fact that the cost of health care would go down, when there is no way that he could know this. Cost and affordability is the issue at hand, both for the individual consumer and the nation. He may want to believe what he’s been told, but plenty of people do not.

Most disturbingly, he attributed this legitimate opposition to race, referring to Obama as “this black president.” The portrayal of your friends, neighbors, relatives and fellow citizens as racist because they don’t agree with your political ideology is childlike and self-serving.

Vilifying roughly half of the population in this way is also cowardly. If you can’t make your point in a civil manner, you aren’t part of any solution, and your opinion is greatly diminished.

Patrick McLaughlin, Esq.


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