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Brown has no clue how to help students

The majority of children in the Buffalo Public Schools live in one-parent poverty, with little chance of escape. The superintendent cannot overcome that. Too many children are entering high school with a fifth- or sixth-grade reading level. They can barely pass English, let alone social studies, math and earth science, all of which require good reading skills.

What the superintendent could do is cut half of the administrators in City Hall and hire beginning teachers to teach reading in the schools that need the most help.

But Pamela Brown did not do that. Instead, she hired and is planning to hire more staff – not teachers. One staff person is making $1,100 per day. That money would hire 10 substitute teachers a day, to teach reading to children.

Brown may be a nice person, but it is obvious she does not know what the children of Buffalo need.

Peter Frensch

East Amherst

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