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Letters for Oct. 13: Put no-huddle on backburner

No-huddle should be put on backburner

No, don’t try to run the no-huddle offense. There have been few quarterbacks in the NFL that have been able to run the no-huddle offense consistently game after game. To list a few, ex-Bill Jim Kelly, Tom Brady, and the king himself Peyton Manning.

The present Buffalo Bills head coach, and I suppose the Buffalo Bills organization at the very start of the first regular season game, concluded that this year’s Bills team was going to run the no-huddle offense with a rookie starting quarterback.

If anyone out there thinks this was a terrible mistake, they are right. Any first year rookie QB is going to have a hard time running a regular standard offense, let alone a no-huddle offense. In fact, the no-huddle offense probably cost us the loss to New England in our home opener. Right now, the Bills’ strength is their running game on offense.

Second, the defense is another positive on this football team. So simply put, this team should pound the ball with their running game in order to slow down the offense and control the ball, and eat the clock up in order to help keep our defense off the field.

Imagine if the Bills could do this, slow the game down, how much better our defense would and could be. I hope the Bills would consider doing this, especially now when we don’t have a Peyton Manning playing QB for us and there is still a chance to make the playoffs.

Theodore Rajewski


Decisions on backup QBs come back to haunt Bills

Thad Lewis will be starting quarterback for Sunday’s game. However, for five weeks every other NFL team passed on Lewis to add to their team.

Yet, the Bills coaches now want to leap-frog Lewis over Jeff Tuel, who the Bills coaches were happy with in preseason as well as four weeks into the season. Granted, Tuel did not play well in the Cleveland game. But don’t forget the coaches were so enamored of Tuel they didn’t put him on the practice squad because they were fearful another team would grab him.

So, what do other teams know about Thad Lewis that none of them showed any interest whatsoever in him?

Herb Bertram

Orchard Park

Manuel’s injury could change course of season

One play totally changed the complexion of Bills game against Cleveland, and maybe outlook on the entire season.

If EJ Manuel gets out of bounds instead taking an unnecessary shot to the knee, I feel confident the Bills would have won the game and also avoided the fiasco of trying to find another quarterback. EJ, you are a quarterback, not Jim Brown. Get out of bounds.

Mike Biondo


Bills missing someone, and his name is Tebow

The Bills seem to be in a bind with their quarterback situation.

E.J. Manuel was a good pick but when Kevin Kolb was lost, another veteran QB should have been picked up. You can’t have two rookies and no veteran on the roster.

There is a young veteran QB out there that I think can help this team, who will work cheap and be better than Thad Lewis and Jeff Tuel. His name is Tim Tebow. He’s popular with fans and he did fairly well in Denver for a young guy.

What do we have to lose? Do you really think Lewis is better than Tebow?

Dale Michels Sr.


With suffering setting in, Sabres fan has questions

Idle thoughts as I sat through Columbus overpowering the Sabres Thursday.

All our opponents look more talented, organized and hungrier.

Buffalo overall looks easy to play against except for their veteran plumbers and rookie Girgensons.

Our puck possession is terrible and we don’t forecheck effectively.

The power play is anemic and our inability to clear our own zone with a simple pass is mind boggling at times.

Myers will never be Pronger or Chara, trade him while he still has perceived upside because we have big young guys to fill his void.

Grigorenko has been rushed into the lineup because Regier is desperate for a draft pick to pan out and because the team lacks viable overall scoring ability.

Why is Stafford still on the team and why doesn’t Terry Pegula recognize what 99% of Sabres fans clearly see. Darcy Regier hasn’t been and isn’t going to be the one to fix the mess he created. How many losses (and millions of dollars in salaries) is it going to take to realize Regier is not a good general manager?

Why won’t the Sabres hire Rick Dudley?

Mr. Pegula might’ve been a fan at one time but I’m starting to wonder if he was a knowledgeable one.

I know what I see.

Michael Dahar


Becoming a soccer mom surprisingly easy

Through my son, who is a student at NU, I have the honor and privilege of knowing the majority of the men’s soccer team. They are from all over the globe; their common bond being a game which they obviously share a love for.

I attended my first game in fall 2011 (I admit reluctantly) which left me awestruck. The game that I attended was on a cold, rainy fall afternoon. I was convinced I would freeze to death but within the first minutes of the game … I was “hooked” immediately.

Being able to get to know them on a personal level is an added bonus. I worry about their injuries, homesickness, provide transportation to airports (or as I like to say I drive a mean shuttle bus) and cook/shop for them. I enjoy my role as unofficial team mom to a group of extraordinary young men. It does my heart proud as they acknowledge my presence at their games and thank me for being there. No boys, Thank you.

I am shocked that there is no admission charged to watch these matches. Whoever said the best things in life are free was right. I encourage my fellow Western New Yorkers to come out and enjoy a game. You certainly will not be disappointed.

Carolyn Lynch


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