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Letter: Pro-lifers need to stop forcing beliefs on others

Pro-lifers need to stop forcing beliefs on others

Letters on “infanticide” and “the war on babies” continue to crop up with some frequency in this newspaper. These writings are rooted in two key assumptions – both unproven and unprovable. One is the existence of a caring God. The other is the notion that, since we are presumably created in this God’s image, humans are special, unique, sacred. Are we Homo sapiens egocentric, or what? For those who accept these two cardinal notions without question, it is just one small step to canonize the fertilized egg. The fetus thus becomes an “unborn baby,” a helpless innocent in dire need of protection from evil and ignorant women who just don’t understand what God wants.

Such beliefs, the unarticulated building blocks of these letter writers, are not shared by a great many people in this country. And we, the unconvinced, are tired of being railed at. A fetus is not a person in the same way that an egg is not a chicken. The fetus can be looked upon as a plant with potential; the pregnant woman is both the garden and the gardener.

Anyone attempting to infringe upon a woman’s bodily rights, promoting universal, binding legislation based on unproven and unprovable assumptions, is, to me, an enemy of the state. These zealots can believe whatever they wish; that is the American way. But the cannot dictate to the rest of us.

Grant Golden, M.D.


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