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Letter: We must rid ourselves of these inept politicians

We must rid ourselves of these inept politicians

I remember years ago, when I was a teen, there was a game called “chicken.” Two teen boys (never a girl!) would drive their cars at top speed at each other. The first one to steer clear of the pending crash was called “chicken.” The fact that, as a result, he and his adversary were alive never entered their minds. All the loser knew was that he was labeled “chicken.” Sounds juvenile – and dangerous – doesn’t it?

Well, guess what? That is what the government is doing today, except the politicians are mature enough to know better than to drive the cars themselves. No, they have put the American people in the seats while they control the cars remotely. Yes, there they are, sitting on the porch, drinking their malt scotches and laughing, while they point their remotes at the careening cars filled with their employers.

What do they care? They have their fat paychecks coming in even though they are not working. They have the best health plan in the world at very little cost. They have all their perks and a soft high-paying part-time job. As I said, what do they care?

And what are we doing, letting them control us like this? We are paying their salaries. If a president can be impeached for lying about his sex life (something that didn’t affect us in the least), why can’t we find a way to rid ourselves of these monsters? And no, I don’t want to wait a full year till election time. I want them out now!

Marge McMillen

East Amherst

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