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Restaurant review: Pizza Plant is the place to be for pods

What do you think of when you hear the word “pod”? Some may think of a pea pod, the metaphor “three peas in a pod” or even the innovative, intergalactic space pods. What comes to mind for me is Pizza Plant, a trendy Northtowns restaurant with an extensive menu, which includes their famous specialty – pods.

Comparable to a calzone or stromboli, Pizza Plant’s pods consist of delicious fillings baked inside a dough shell. You have the option to create a custom pod, from a variety of different doughs, sauces, meats, vegetables and cheeses, in two different sizes. Or you can order one of 21 specialty pods, including the daily chef’s creation, a variety big enough to satisfy anyone’s appetite. Seven of the choices are meatless.

On two of my recent trips to Pizza Plant, I ventured into the world of pods. Honestly, I don’t quite want to go back to their “regular” food – pizzas, pastas, salads and the like. So far, I have tasted two – the Chicken Pesto Pod (marinated chicken, house-made pesto, fresh spinach, Monterey Jack cheese, crushed garlic and olive oil/$8.49) and the Chicken Sausage Pod (grilled Italian chicken sausage, fresh peppers, onion, provolone, and with marinara sauce on the side/$8.39.) Both pods were excellent, all of the components worked well together for a mouthwatering taste. The dough shells were very thick, compact and well-baked, so your meal doesn’t fall out like it does at taco joints.

Visitors might get a kick out of some of the different pods that Pizza Plant offers. For example, there’s the Popeye Pod, which is, as the menu quotes, “A mighty combo of fresh spinach, mozzarella, tomato, black olives, Parmesan and a little ‘Olive Oyl,’ on spinach dough of course” ($7.79). Also available is the Wingy Dingy Pod, a combination of breaded chicken breast, ricotta and mozzarella cheeses in a creamy marinara wing sauce with cayenne and bleu cheese ($8.39).

Did I mention that the restaurant has a Pods To Go option as well?

While having the feel of a New York-style pizzeria, Pizza Plant also feels quite homey – finished with a rustic-yet-upscale log cabin feel. The restaurant is tidy and clean, with quick and knowledgeable service, and classic music ranging from the 1930s to the 1980s. They offer complimentary peppermints, a kids’ menu, free Wi-Fi, and boast a full bar as well as live music on select nights.

Boston Kistka is a junior at Cheektowaga High School.

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