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Letter: Suspicion of abuse has to be reported

Suspicion of abuse has to be reported

I am wondering if the writers of an Oct. 5 letter regarding the death of Eain Brooks are aware that many professions require you to be a mandated reporter. I have been a special education teacher for almost 30 years. I take the well-being of my children, many of whom have no voice to fend for themselves, very seriously. No evidence is “trivial.”

I have called Child Protective Services on numerous occasions. We are trained to go under the assumption that nothing is too unimportant to call. Many times after the call, we discuss the situation. It may not be confirmed as a case, but CPS directs you how to proceed. It is tragic that whatever the situation with Eain was, it was not confirmed.

My point is that many times these workers are doing a great job. Social Services is often lacking in case workers. I will continue to report when I feel a child’s life is impacted by mistreatment. I do not call on a whim, but after speaking with medical and other co-workers. This is not something anyone wants to do. I urge everyone to continue to report.

Kim Sienkiewicz


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