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Letter: House Republicans are guilty of extortion

House Republicans are guilty of extortion

Webster’s dictionary defines the word “extort” (as in extortion): “To obtain from a person by violence, threat, oppression or abuse of authority; wring, wrest.”

It’s funny how this word just pops into one’s head when you read about the government shutdown. Because they want to defund, or eliminate, the Affordable Care Act, House Republicans were willing to furlough more than 800,000 workers in the federal government without pay.

Is this what this country stands for now? You can’t get your way, so let’s just lock up and turn off the lights. And if you can’t pay your bills, well, tough luck.

Apparently the idea of universal health care is so radical that it must be resisted at all costs. Well, at no cost to them, since members of Congress will continue to get paid no matter what bone-headed ideas they propose. In my opinion, it is further proof that the inmates have taken over the asylum.

Paul Bojanowski


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