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Health care for all is worthy endeavor

It’s good to see our new national health care program has started. No one disagrees it will need improvements as use and time pass. The one complaint that bothers me, but is without merit, is the concern that all need to sign up for insurance. “Obamacare” will not work if all are not on board.

Ask yourself why you pay school taxes even though you do not have children in school. Ask yourself why you pay auto insurance though you have not needed its benefits for years, if ever. The reason is because the definition of insurance is to spread the cost of education, auto accidents and now health care among all of us so that any one of us can cope with a loss, especially a devastating one. “Each man on his own” is gone with the days of the Wild West. The Constitution states “… promote the general welfare …” That means all of us.

David F. Baker


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