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Republicans are right to reject the status quo

Columnists and letter writers are falling over each other to call Republicans extreme and crazy for not going along with the Democrats. They have it backward – it’s business as usual that’s crazy. Running trillion-dollar deficits is extreme. Trying to remake our health care system from the top down is radical. Making promises that can’t be paid for with all the money in the world is insane. Standing in the way of these things is the only responsible thing to do.

“Obamacare is the law of the land”? So is the employer mandate, and that isn’t happening. So was the Defense of Marriage Act, and I don’t recall the left accepting that status quo. We have every right to try to change a bad law, and Obamacare is a very bad law. Many people have already lost their existing insurance policies, contrary to what the president insisted over and over.

Look what the government is doing now, barricading veterans from an outdoor monument. You think you’re not vulnerable to that kind of maliciousness when the government controls your health care?

Matthew Bartle


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