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Letter: Citizens should unite, seek better government

Citizens should unite, seek better government

The toxic atmosphere in Washington is going from bad to worse, fueled by the obscene amount of money that the nation’s wealthiest interests have used to “buy” the political process to serve their own selfish motives. Economic inequality is the biggest problem facing us. The United States is looking more and more like an oligarchy, and is tainting the meaning of democracy in the process.

What can we do about it? What we cannot do is whine and complain while sitting on our hands. Why not be a “citizen lobbyist,” with the mantra “smart government, fair taxes” and the goals of equalizing economic disparity by requiring a government that works for all the people, and restoring faith in the democratic process by removing the taint of “big money” from our elections.

You could join a group of like-minded individuals. My personal choice is Common Cause. You can also do your part as an individual by communicating with your elected officials, by learning the positions of candidates for office on the critical issues, by helping to protect the right to vote in fair and honest elections and, above all, by voting.

Do we face a formidable task? Yes. Is it insurmountable? No. We have the voices to make ourselves heard, and we have the numbers to matter in elections. If we can each make a ripple, those ripples can become the tidal wave that can clean up the muck and restore meaning to the phrase “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

Barbara A. Rogers


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