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Letter: Buffalo did not need to exterminate skunks

Buffalo did not need to exterminate skunks

It was a given that Animal Advocates of Western New York’s phone line would be busy after reading The News story about skunks being shot by City of Buffalo employees. According to the article, they’ve been killing skunks for six months. How sad that so many innocent animals had to needlessly suffer and die. How ironic that money and time had to be spent to shoot skunks when non-violent methods could have been used – especially since other animals will most likely move in where there is habitat and food available. City workers could instead spend their time working in neighborhoods to ensure that yards aren’t magnets for wild animals.

Animal Advocates of WNY regrets that the City of Buffalo didn’t tap into the resources of humane organizations for alternate plans that have been successful in other communities. For more than 28 years, our organization has been a source of referrals to wildlife experts.

We are thankful that Donn Esmonde wrote a terrific column about how futile lethal methods can be and how skunks are not only gentle animals but an important part of our ecosystem.

Maureen A. Schiener


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