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Some Creek Road residents near Forestville will get free water

FORESTVILLE – Residents who live on Creek Road outside the village of Forestville will have the benefit of free water until the summer of 2014 under a resolution approved by the Village Board on Tuesday evening.

The board’s meeting in the fire hall was interrupted by Public Works Supervisor Charles Brewster, who said there was a major water leak on Creek Road. He said residents may experience a temporary loss of water or low water pressure during the repair.

Creek Road could not be included in the new well-fed water system because funding required that they form a water district. Trustee Kevin Johnson said that after a meeting with about 20 residents of Creek Road, none was interested in forming a water district.

Johnson said their annual water costs would be between $1,600 and $1,800. He said many of them have already started to drill water wells.

“This is not good for Forestville,” he said. “We could have used the revenue.”

The residents will be allowed to use the old spring-fed system until the springs are decommissioned in June. Johnson said eliminating their water use charges from now until June will give the families some relief of costs since they will have to drill and install their own wells.

Other water issues before the board included a plan to form a subcommittee to develop a policy on water use and charges. The committee will include a board member, a public works employee, a resident and the village clerk.

New water bills will be sent to village residents and to the residents of the Bennett State Road water district on Oct. 15. The bills will be $150 for village residents and $180 for non-residents.

Fire Chief Bruce Hagmier notified the board that an insurance audit of the fire hall requires that smoke and fire detectors be installed and that an electrical inspection conducted. The fire chief said he received a list of necessary improvements and requested that the board address the detectors, wiring and any kitchen improvements on the list.

Trustee David Bishoff requested that all toilets in the building be replaced to comply with the guidelines of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Mayor Linda Aures said the matter has already been put on the work list for the Public Works Department.

Board members authorized seeking quotes for professional auditing services. The motion was introduced by Johnson, who said he would feel more comfortable with a professional reviewing the current procedures.

The village will seek information on a telephone communication system to notify residents in the event of an emergency.

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