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Sisterhoods, sodas, shots and squampkins

Music of the night

As we veer toward that wild time of year when darkness falls at 5 p.m, it’s fun to prepare by treating morning as if it were evening. Friday, Buzz rolled out of bed and went to the Philharmonic’s 10:30 a.m. Coffee Concert, waking up to the smoldering sounds of Johannes Brahms. Saturday morning was even more dramatic: Kool & the Gang, playing at UB’s Homecoming, hit around 9:45 a.m. Have some “Jungle Boogie” with your java! The band piled it on, with Kool’s band mates approaching him with towels and waving them at him as it were a bullfight. Which it was. UB Bulls, get it? Not bad for before our second cup of coffee. Or theirs!

The ghosts of AM&A’s

In early observance of Halloween, ghosts are appearing at the downtown AM&A’s. We allude, of course, to those images being uncovered on the back of the old AM&A’s building, beneath the scaffolding, along Washington Street. All these vintage panels are being uncovered. “School is just around the corner,” says one, picturing a girl in a chic little coat. Another one says “Vogue Couturier Designs – in important fall fabrics.” Buzz loves that, important fall fabrics! Speaking of importance, we also beheld the ghost of one of the old AM&A’s founding fathers at the parking ramp across the street. It’s called the Robert B. Adam Parking Ramp, and sure enough, Robert B. Adam was the Adam of Adam, Meldrum & Anderson. How did he go from his name on a store to his name on a parking ramp? Oh, dear. That is so Buffalo.

From sodas to squampkins

It’s fun how shopping gets weird in the fall. The downtown market had something called the Squampkin. It was $5, and it looked like an orange, warty child of a squash and a pumpkin. … “Heaven from the hills of Humphrey.” That’s White Cow Dairy, on Facebook, describing its Basswood Comb Honey. White Cow, you’re a poet! … And speaking of strange food shopping, it’s not just us. Buzz’s cousin Gretchen went on vacation to Charleston, S.C. At the Charleston City Market, she beheld a host of orange bottles labeled: “Buffalo Wing Soda – Original.” It is not original! The original would have read “Buffalo Wing Pop.”

The novelist’s wife

The headlines surrounding the death of crime novelist Tom Clancy mostly overlooked the real story, which concerns his widow, Alexandra Llewellyn. Llewellyn, whom he met in 1997 and married in 1999, was once a reporter for WKBW-TV, aka Channel 7, when the station was owned by her father, J. Bruce Llewellyn. Tom Clancy will live on in our memories through “The Hunt for Red October.” Alex Llewellyn, as she was known in Buffalo, will live on in our memories thanks to “Divas: Buffalo’s Most Feisty Females Demand Respect – And They Get It,” a tribute by our predecessor at the Buzz desk, Lauri Githens. The story also included such divas as Christine Baranski, Ani DiFranco, Judge Penny Wolfgang and the late singer Dodo Greene. A quality sisterhood, indeed.

The buzz

Is it us, or do the flu shots hurt more this year than in other years? “Ow,” went Buzz. “Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow,” we yelled, like James Brown. … Sunday, Buzz enjoyed complaining about the heat and humidity. We also went swimming at Beaver Island. Could be our last chance this year to go to the beach. Or maybe not! That’s the beauty of Buffalo – you never know.


“Big hair, big presence.”

– Lauri Githens, describing Alex Llewellyn, in 1998’s The Buffalo News

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