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UB Bulls’ new jerseys hide our Buffalo pride

I cannot believe my cherished alma mater has allowed out-of-towners like University at Buffalo President Satish Tripathi and Athletic Director Danny White to slight the very pride we all share in UB by hiding “Buffalo” in the UB Bulls’ new football jerseys.

How can you insult the only full Division I athletic program in the SUNY system by disguising the real identity of this great university? I don’t know anyone here who wants to refer to our team as the New York Bulls, as the new jersey might imply.

I guess White thinks his career resume at University of Mississippi, Ohio University, California State University and Northern Illinois University allows him full authority to change our identity.

I think White and Tripathi have both made a huge mistake. Hopefully they will abandon this approach, and embrace the historical significance that UB athletics reside in Buffalo.

James R. Ahrens


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