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Gaughan should tell voters how much he owes the IRS

As candidate for county comptroller, Kevin Gaughan’s behavior is disappointing. Gaughan is running for an office that is responsible for managing the taxes of Erie County.

It is bizarre that a man who cannot seem to get his own taxes in order would like to run for the office that manages those of the entire county. Keep in mind he owes at least $5,000 to the federal government.

If this aspect of Gaughan’s financial past is as inconsequential as he is portraying it, there should be no problem with him releasing the details of what he owes in back taxes.

For voters to even consider Gaughan as a potential candidate for comptroller, he needs to realize honesty and transparency are important. It would be a great shame for Gaughan to continue dodging this issue his entire race.

Gary A. Styn


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