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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions


• Shenk Road, Emma Wendt; Todd Wendt to Carl E. Eberle; Victoria L. Eberle, $243,900.

• Carney Drive, Emily K. Tippett; Brian E. Tippett to Ashley Proefrock; Nicholas Proefrock, $115,000.

• North Ridge Road & Cambria-Wilson Road, Debbi Dee Drewes; Arnold W. Drewes to PCM Real Estate Llc, $50,000.

LEWISTON Highest price: $202,000 Average price: $129,010 Median price: $131,500 Number of Sales: 10

• North 6th St., Nancy H. Osborne; Nancy D. Osborne; George D. Osborne to Margaret A. Smith; Leo E. Smith, $202,000.

• Upper Mountain Road, Matthew Lynn Schmidt; Michele J. Schmidt to Meredythe S. Putnam, $179,900.

• Tryon Drive, Barbara E. Gailey to Zachary R. Casale; Stephanie J. Casale, $165,000.

• Roosevelt Ave., Donna J. Falise to Peters Properties, $137,500.

• 5934 Ward Road, Rosie L. Devine; Richard A. Devine to William Woock III; Brenda M. Incorvaia, $133,000.

• Park Lane, Hampton West Llc to Samuel J. Burruano, $130,000.

• Cayuga Drive, John H. Clark; Aline L. Clark; Howard E. Clark to Maureen Matteson; James A. Matteson, $123,500.

• Porter Center Road, Karen E. DiFrancesco to Karen M. Lengen, $95,000.

• Onondaga St. & 7th St., Blair M. Tittle to Rachael C. Schebell, $89,000.

• James Drive, Cheryl Fell; Jean Mauro; Jean Dipaolo to William H. Ellis; Deborah A. Ellis, $35,200.

LOCKPORT Highest price: $300,000 Average price: $121,944 Median price: $85,000 Number of Sales: 9

• Davison Road, Nicholas Varallo; Tamre A. Varallo to WSEJ Llc, $300,000.

• Davison Road, American National Red Cross to Health Management Group Limited, $229,000.

• Treehaven Drive, Gary W. Hosey to Eva Nemcik; Dusan Nemcik, $137,500.

• Jefferson Drive, Dennis D. Wakelam; Nicole E. Wakelam to Robert C. Scheffer; Meghan E. Watier, $108,500.

• South St., Melissa Leffler; Mitchell R. Buryta to Linda R. Bennett, $85,000.

• Walnut St., Jennifer J. Abraham; Peter D. Malley to Brittany Tilleli, $83,500.

• Elmwood Ave., Robert W. Tinklepaugh to Joshua E. Raczka, $61,000.

• State St. & Ransom Court & West High St., Mary Jane Roskopf; Robert B. Roskopf to Espy Distro Llc, $60,000.

• Caledonia St., Daniel R. Curry to Roxane S. Swan, $33,000.

TOWN OF LOCKPORT Highest price: $282,500 Average price: $144,656 Median price: $141,500 Number of Sales: 9

• Sherwood Drive, Christopher A. Hall; Gail R. Hall to Sue Ann Jeffries; Gerald S. Jeffries, $282,500.

• Tonawanda Creek Road, Renee Stockwell; William Stockwell to Ivan Andrijevic; Amanda S. Andrijevic, $210,000.

• 5744 Stone Road, Jesse T. Sprague to Kristian J. Alex, $157,000.

• 40 Grasmere Road, Mary Beth Hayes; Kreg M. Hayes to Evan C. Gaskill; Maria L. Gaskill, $150,000.

• Old English Road, Lois B. Mahar; Edward M. Mahar to Martin A. Bielicki; Lydia N. Bielicki, $141,500.

• 7340 Tonawanda Creek Road, Clayton J. Richter; Suzanne M. Richter to Robert G. Dempsey; Shanna L. Dempsey, $134,900.

• Old Beattie Road, E&R Horizons Llc to Byron J. Danis, $115,000.

• North View Drive, Kondaur Capital Corp. to Nicholas Gugliuzza, $101,000.

• Slayton Settlement Road, Jason E. Mikits to James L. Phipps; Kathleen A. Phipps, $10,000.


• Charlotteville Road, Rose M. Mangan; Raymond D. Mangan to Nicholas J. Moley, $147,500.

• Lockport-Olcott Road, Mark Bauerlein; Marianne Bauerlein to Thomas E. Bergum; Ericka R. Olka, $102,000.

• Olcott-Lockport Road, Lewis A. Wagner; Joyce A. Wagner to Matthew W. Stachura, $89,900.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $142,000 Average price: $45,934 Median price: $32,679 Number of Sales: 21

• Greenview Road, Marisa Scalzo; Joseph Scalzo to Laura Demarco; Michael E. Demarco, $142,000.

• Macklem Ave., Shadia Tallat to William P. Hout; Candace L. Hout, $115,000.

• 74th St., Janelle Monaco to Michele Marie Lozo; Pasquale V. Lopatriello, $83,500.

• 1717 Hyde Park Blvd., Thomas A. Enzinna; Rebecca A. Enzinna to Fannie Mae, $63,682.

• 2707 Lasalle Ave., John J. Maikranz; Pamela J. Maikranz to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $53,915.

• 3222 Dudley Ave., Jackie Belton to Kevin J. Burdorf, $47,700.

• Welch Ave., Terrance J. Franckowiak to Niagara Comfort Vacation Rentals, $36,000.

• Welch Ave., Terrance J. Franckowiak to Niagara Comfort Vacation Rentals, $36,000.

• Welch Ave., Terrance J. Franckowiak; Terrance J. Franchowiak to Niagara Comfort Vacation Rentals, $36,000.

• 443 81st St., Mary Lou Jones; Marilyn J. Hartman to Phyllis Stallard; Michael Stallard, $35,000.

• Patricia Drive, Roselynn McInally to Donald J. Johnson, $30,359.

• 92nd St., Warren J. Hazel to Patricia Gilmore, $30,000.

• Deveaux St., David W. Tickett to Brian Loy, $30,000.

• 7th St., KC Buffalo Enterprises to Mathnori Property, $29,500.

• Michigan Ave., KC Buffalo Enterprises to RZ Real Estate Llc, $29,000.

• Tennessee Ave., Leatrice Oneal to Joel T. Santisteban; Michael J. Santisteban, $26,900.

• 16th St., Wing Properties to Mathnori Property, $25,500.

• Grand Ave., Richard Fulgenzi; Ronald Fulgenzi; Noreen Harrow to George Satarian, $19,500.

• 2707 Lasalle Ave., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Angela Passucci, $19,000.

• 1325 James Ave., JHS Property Management Inc. to 5K Auto Sales Inc., $9,500.

• Tennessee Ave., Minnie Blackmon to KC Buffalo Enterprises, $9,500.


• 3rd Ave., Ronald Butticci; Brenda Butticci to Ryan Miller, $103,000.


• 1000 Pioneer Drive, Joseph D. Leaver to Benjamin J. McDonald, $149,900.

• Forbes Terrace, Shpresa Kaletsch to Michelle Conte, $140,000.

• 6th Ave., Peter J. Freundschuh; Patricia A. Freundschuh; Patricia A. Fish to Emily A. Rowe; Milton M. Rowe, $79,394.

• East Thompson St., Janet A. Swiniuch to Donald S. Slingerland; Melissa A. Slingerland, $68,500.

• Kohl St., Robert McAndrew; Maureen McAndrew to WNY Property Holdings, $50,000.


• Arrowhead Drive, Stefanie Zakowicz; Martin J. Zakowicz to Jillian E. Roberts; Richard L. Roberts, $364,000.

• Devonshire Lane, Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc. to James R. Giardina, $311,490.

• Devonshire Lane, Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc. to Steven Solazzo; Heather M. Pisano, $286,970.

• Devonshire Lane, Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc. to Thomas C. Spatorico; Valerie A. Spatorico, $275,705.

• Aiken Road, Robert R. Randall; Patricia A. Randall to Michael Wasik; Tara E. Wasik, $55,000.


• 260 Cherry St., David Knack to Mellon Bank of New York, $114,698.

• Old Lake Road, Bower Family Trust; Terry Bower; Dolores A. Bower to Matthew J. Webb; Kristeen J. Lafornara, $90,000.


• Telegraph Road, Paul D. Foster; Edward W. Schultz to Todd Thomas, $70,000.

• Telegraph Road, Janet S. Toenniessen; Ruth E. Shelly to Bradley E. Lester, $65,000.

• Maple Ave. & Park Ave., Salvatore Tabone to Joseph D. Tabone; Donna S. Tabone, $60,000.


• Ontario Drive, GT Custom Built Homes Inc. to Janene Sullivan; Paul R. Sullivan, $335,550.

• Timberlink Road, GMD Development to Helen F. Cassel, $257,900.

• Lockport Ave., Marlene J. Wardell; Leslie G. Wardell to Jon W. Sandino; Laura L. Sandino, $249,000.

• Graydon Drive, Brookfield Global Relocation Services to Michael A. Barber; Christine M. Barber, $195,000.

• Graydon Drive, Mary G. Huber; Christopher M. Huber to Brookfield Global Relocation Services, $195,000.

• Ontario Drive, Willow Development to GT Custom Built Homes Inc., $20,000.


• Palmer Road, Gary W. Blasius; Heather L. Blasius to Todd W. Wendt; Emma S. Wendt, $190,000.

• Lake Road, Greenbaum Properties to George J. Merkling III, $175,000.

• Ontario St., Betty Ulrich; Kathy Lee to Gary A. Stockman; Linda M. Power; Kathleen A. Stockman; Philip I. Power, $93,000.

• Lake St., Michael F. McAvoy; Barbara J. Oliphant; Patricia A. Nicolosi; Gerald J. McAvoy; Anne M. Oliphant to Gary W. Blasius, $90,000.

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