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Letter: Let’s try to help neighbors directly

Let’s try to help neighbors directly

Years ago in this country, we helped out family, friends and neighbors who were going through tough times by giving aid to them directly, either through cash, clothes, food, our time, etc.

Today, this seems rare. People seem to be more likely to spend time in numerous walk-a-thons or other group events than directly putting their time and money in helping family, friends or neighbors who need it right under their nose.

People don’t know their neighbors or the neighbors’ situation because they don’t have time because of their time allocation. People should spend less time socializing at these events and spend more time getting to know family, friends and neighbors.

You get more bang for the buck by giving directly to people you know who are hurting than having a good percentage of your contributions going to unknown administrative costs. You always hear that people want nice neighborhoods, like they used to be, but few put in the time. Go outside and talk to or lend a hand to the neighbor you hardly know. Even though they may not think like you in politics or other things, this is America – let them have the freedom to think differently without you trying to change their position and you can grow a friendship.

On a larger scale, our government is no different. During talks of the government shutdown, you only hear of reducing expenditures that affect American citizens instead of reducing aid to foreign governments and people we don’t know. The government should get to know and help our citizens first, and people we don’t know second.

Lawrence Palaszynski

West Seneca

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