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MLB Power Rankings for October 6

(Last week’s in parentheses)

1. St. Louis Cardinals. The complete model organization for everyone to follow. (2)

2. Boston Red Sox. Putting up .309-30-103 an incredible year for Big Papi. (1)

3. Atlanta Braves. Great season, terrible sports town. (4)

4. Oakland Athletics. Opened upper deck for postseason. Hope plumbing holds. (5)

5. Pittsburgh Pirates. Bizarro Burgh: Steelers stink, Bucs rule the town. (7)

6. Detroit Tigers. You wonder if Verlander has spent his main bullets, a la Lincecum and Halladay. (3)

7. Los Angeles Dodgers. Magic says no to Cano. Plot thickens. (6)

8. Cleveland Indians. Great bounceback season but need another bat. (10)

9. Tampa Bay Rays. You learn something from every single Maddon presser you sit in on. (8)

10. Texas Rangers. Another flameout but Washington somehow survives. (11)

11. Cincinnati Reds. Deposed Dusty will hear Pittsburgh fans singing “Cu-e-to, Cu-e-to” all winter. (9)

12. Washington Nationals. Critical choice to make in replacing Davey. (12)

13. Kansas City Royals. Great young talent. Not a one-year wonder. (13)

14. New York Yankees. So many issues, starting with Girardi’s status. (15)

15. Baltimore Orioles. I say 2012 was a one-year wonder. (14)

16. Arizona Diamondbacks. Goldschmidt emerged as NL star. (16)

17. Los Angeles Angels. Clearly better without Albert. But they’re stuck with the deal. (17)

18. San Diego Padres. Headley hopes knee surgery leads to better ‘14. (18)

19. San Francisco Giants. Narrowly avoided joining ‘98 Marlins as only defending champs to finish last. (19)

20. Toronto Blue Jays. Don’t forget the minor-league free agents, boys. (23)

21. New York Mets. Need to spend money so Collins & Co. get a real chance. (20)

22. Milwaukee Brewers. Doubt Braun gets the welcome-back Rangers fans gave Cruz. (21)

23. Philadelphia Phillies. Golden era is over, rebuild has to be on. (22)

24. Colorado Rockies. After 162 games, I got nothing. (24)

25. Seattle Mariners. Wedge to GM/ownership: Take this job and shove it. (25)

26. Minnesota Twins. With Lindy-Darcy powers, Gardy gets two-year extension. (26)

27. Chicago Cubs. Wonder if Theo gives Wedge a look. (27)

28. Chicago White Sox. Old friend Manto was the fall guy. Numerous issues. (28)

29. Miami Marlins. Dysfunction junction, what’s Loria’s function? (29)

30. Houston Astros. Baseball people insist they’ll be good someday. We’ll see. (30)

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