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We must act to stop these gun tragedies

Bill Maher said on his HBO show: “America is the gun country!” Because of this, I think, it will be a long, hard road to adequate gun-control laws. The Navy shipyard shooting was perpetrated by a sick individual who spent endless hours mowing down “virtual people” with a “gun” in violent computer games. Is it such a leap to conclude it made it easier for him to move onto real people? These games are equivalent to “mind control.” They’re like training exercises for committing murder. Throw a mentally ill person in the equation and it’s a recipe for disaster. As usual, there were signs that there was something wrong with the shooter, and, as usual, nobody did anything – mainly because they didn’t know what to do. We need public education and laws to stop these tragedies. Let’s concentrate on that now.

Kathleen Copeland


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