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Letter: Tea party is afraid Obamacare will work

Tea party is afraid Obamacare will work

Why would the Republican House shut down the U.S. government and lay off 800,000 government workers and then refuse to pay the nation’s debt – debt that has already been racked up – and risk a recession (or depression) across the nation and perhaps the world? Why would these tea party members use extortion to thrust their country onto dangerous ground? Answer: To kill Obamacare.

But why are they so threatened by this program? Obamacare requires that all Americans get health insurance. If you can’t afford it, the government will subsidize you. No one can be denied insurance, even those with advanced-stage diseases. There are no lifetime limits. Your coverage will never expire. Obamacare gives seniors access to cheaper drugs, free preventive care, reforms Medicare Advantage and closes the Medicare Part D doughnut hole. Children are covered on their parents’ policy until age 26. The cost of most policies will be lower than what you’re paying now. But if you like what you have now, keep it. No one is forced to change policies.

The GOP is not afraid that Obamacare won’t work. On the contrary, it’s afraid that it will work and it will do anything to prevent this black president from succeeding, even if it prevents 48 million Americans from getting health care.

Bob Catalano


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