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Letter: Mother shares blame for boy’s tragic death

Mother shares blame for boy’s tragic death

Besides the fact that Child Protective Services took no action regarding the abuse reports for Eain Brooks, I am just as shocked that I am not hearing anything about the mother. She should be charged with the same crimes as her live-in boyfriend. Don’t tell me that she knew nothing. She may not have been at home the night of the killing, but there was previous abuse as reported by other family members. If they knew, she knew.

Although I have been following this story with a heavy heart, I do hope I missed something about the mother being held responsible as well. Child endangerment, child neglect, something. These mothers show up with their tears when it’s too late. This cycle has to stop and regardless of how busy and short-staffed CPS is, when several phone calls are made for one child, it should be an immediate priority. Whoever at CPS thought this wasn’t should be out of a job right now.

Sandra Thompson


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