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Matos is one of the best in Western New York

I am a retired teacher/coach who worked in Buffalo schools for 32 years. I am also one of Coach Deborah Matos’ mentors. Matos is a master teacher. She is prepared, involved, committed, current and far and away one of the best teachers in Western New York. She individualizes her lessons to meet the needs of all students.

It is sadly unfortunate that over the years, parents have been allowed to act badly without consequence and yet when a coach differs in philosophy from that of a parent, the teacher is immediately considered guilty as charged. Of course, coaches make mistakes, just as parents and children do, but the main purpose of education should be to allow all to correct mistakes and improve as teachers, coaches, parents and students.

Matos deserves at least the opportunity not only to explain herself but to also make strides to become an even better teacher. It would be a mistake on all levels to dismiss a good teacher, coach and mentor like Matos.

I would not hesitate for one minute to allow any of my children to be part of her program. She has my full support. I will proudly continue to mentor her.

Kathleen M. Garcea


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