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Brown has no clue how to fix schools

Superintendent Pamela Brown has crossed the line. In a failing school district, Brown adds more and more administrators, and their related expenses, to do what – improve the district? That’s not going to happen. She also wants to pay her administrators at wages that are competitive with other local districts. Has she forgotten about the teachers, who are the ones in the trenches working with the students? They aren’t being paid salaries that are anywhere near competitive with other local districts.

The Buffalo Public Schools have always been top-heavy with, in many cases, unneeded administrators and it’s only becoming worse. Instead of investing in the education of students, all Brown wants to do is pad the bloated administration with even more incompetence.

It’s time the board retake the district from the superintendent. It needs to flush out much of the administration and spend the money saved where it’s needed most – in the classroom and in a new contract for the educators of their students.

Al Heiss

West Seneca

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