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Letter: Accountability needed in death of 5-year-old

Accountability needed in death of 5-year-old

I didn’t need to see the burns on little Eain Brooks’ cheek to confirm my heartbreak and outrage at this tragic story.

The focal point of this investigation is centered on the culpability of Child Protective Services for allowing this case to slip through the cracks. The person or persons involved must be held accountable, as we have seen a pattern of deadly results from people not doing their job to protect our most innocent.

That being said, it shouldn’t take a stranger to safeguard one’s child, as there is no substitute for familial protection. It is a fundamental duty of every parent to keep your child safe and well-cared for.

If a mother fails to keep her child from a known or suspected abuser, then she should be charged as an accessory. Tougher laws must be implemented, as I believe this would serve as a necessary deterrent to this pervasive problem.

Elizabeth D. Sikorski

West Seneca

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