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UB Athletic Director Danny White turns to grill for healthier options

University at Buffalo Athletic Director Danny White is like a kid in a candy store these days – only this guy would rather be at Santora’s with slices of “The Works” pizza on his plate.

How important is good nutrition for UB sports teams?

“A lot more important for our student-athletes than it is for the athletic director,” he cracks.

White, 33, who lives with his family of six in Clarence Center, grew up in New Orleans, played basketball at Notre Dame and worked at schools in Fresno, Calif., Ohio and Mississippi before he landed the UB job in spring 2012. He’ll be at the school tailgating tent on the North Campus today before the noon homecoming football game.

Which place where you lived has the healthiest food?

The healthiest would probably be California. We’d get fresh seafood. … New Orleans and Buffalo are both tied in my mind in terms of tastiest, but not very healthy.

What are the health foods you figure you better blend into your Buffalo diet?

I like to do seafood on the grill at the house as a healthier choice. We’ll do shrimp or salmon or something, with a lot of vegetables: peppers – all different kinds of peppers – and asparagus, zucchini and squash.

– Scott Scanlon

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