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Traveling back in time for new North Tonawanda History Museum logo

NORTH TONAWANDA – The North Tonawanda History Museum has a new logo that provides a snapshot in time to what 54 Webster St. looked like nearly a century ago.

“The North Tonawanda History Museum board of trustees named its permanent home ‘The Lumber City History Center’ in recognition of the industry that began the advancement of a small unincorporated hamlet,” said museum Executive Director Donna Zellner Neal in an announcement of the change.

She said North Tonawanda was once known as Niagara in the County of Niagara and Town of Wheatfield, and grew into an incorporated village within the Town of Wheatfield in 1865. But because of the lumber and other industry, as well as the arrival of alternating- current electricity, it became incorporated into a city in 1867.

“The board of trustees intends to consider ‘The Lumber City History Center’ part of its address permanently,” wrote Zellner Neal.

The old logo focused on the “Future of our Past,” and the theme was created in 2005 by former Tonawanda News Editor Joseph Genco. The winning entry focusing on that theme was designed by Daniel Skrok and had been used since 2006, said Zellner Neal.

The new logo, which features a photograph looking south down Webster Street in 1929, shows some of the cars and buildings of the day and prominently includes the new designation as the Lumber City Museum. It was submitted by John Zellner Neal and will be phased into all of the History Museum’s media, including Facebook, website, letterheads and other promotional materials.


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