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Letters for October 6

Much is needed to earn Stanley Cup

As the season once again commences, the Sabre faithful don their gear, rush to their pricey seats, plop themselves down in front of their flatscreens and proudly exclaim, “This is our year!” History sadly reminds us, however, that it probably isn’t. I won’t bore you with meaningless numbers, shoulda, coulda, wouldas and statistical probabilities. That is better left for barroom chatter, confrontations and on/off ice experts. It seems to me, though, winning and success are built on three indisputable principles: Commitment, Coaching and Conditioning. How many times have we fallen short in one or more of these areas? Winners excel in all three and losers struggle to find what’s missing. Our franchise must find a way to embrace these ideals if they’re ever to attain the fourth “C”, the Cup!

Tom Kuhn


Sabres need players that can put puck in net

The Sabres stood pat during the offseason. You stand pat with a good hand, which the Sabres do not have. They depended on Ryan Miller all these years and still depend on him, but for how long? Will the young inexperienced players come ready to play with Ron Rolston leading them? Not if he pulls another stunt like the preseason fiasco. Having Scott out there was a joke and Rolston wasn’t laughing after his fine. And what is Scott still here for? He hasn’t scored a goal on this team. We need scorers, not brawlers. Fighting excites the fans but doesn’t bring victories. As Darcy said, “there will be suffering,” so get used to it for this upcoming year.

Paul DiVito


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