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Letter: Mothers have a duty to protect children

Mothers have a duty to protect children

The recent deaths of two boys in their homes have prompted much criticism of county officials and social workers. It is good to know that public concern has prompted the hiring of additional workers. However, after being advised by neighbors and relatives of child abuse, Child Protective Services workers are required to call the house of abuse and make an appointment. Home visits should function as audits and be a “surprise.”

In both cases, the abusers were in the house at the invitation of the mothers and with their support and protection. When did the mother’s responsibility to protect her children at all costs end in the birthing room? At last report, the legal age for an adult in New York State is 18 years of age. Rather than protecting the men, why didn’t these mothers protect their children?

If a driver goes to jail for transporting a bank robber and a young man gets jail time for helping moving a dead body, why are mothers who allow abusers to live in their home not prosecuted? Surely they are parties to a cover-up. It is time to hold the right people accountable.

Marie Tabaczynski

North Tonawanda

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