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Letter: Tea party determined to bring nation down

Tea party determined to bring nation down

Like the nullifiers of the South in the first 75 years of our history, Republicans today, led by the radical tea party, seem to think that laws mean nothing if they don’t agree with them. The same people who think that we can force democracy on the rest of the world don’t seem to understand that we won’t necessarily like the outcomes of free elections. They have used the playbook of 19th century states’ rights Southerners who announced they would secede if Abraham Lincoln were elected president; the tea party announced rather that it would simply do whatever it could to defeat him.

Today’s batch of selfish House members cannot come to grips with the results of the presidential elections of ’08 and ’12, and simply cannot admit defeat on Obamacare, even though it has been upheld by a Supreme Court loaded with justices appointed by Republican presidents. They oppose all things Obama, and propose no reasonable solutions to unemployment, poverty and affordable health care.

Obama has made two grave mistakes. He did not immediately embrace the name Obamacare and follow through by explaining it to all Americans before the tea party crowd, with the encouragement of the laughingly dubbed “moderate Republicans,” devoted itself to the misinformation that has appealed to the fearful. And it took him much too long to realize that Republicans never had any intention of working with him to solve the problems of this nation. In the name of party politics, Republicans would rather hold their noses and vote with a fool like Sen. Ted Cruz than to help the country as a whole.

There is no reason to believe that this pageant of budget crises and political extortion will not continue to play out over and over again, unless decent, thoughtful Americans get off their butts and turn these people out of office.

John W. Nelson


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