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Letter: Matos’ positive influence has benefited her players

Matos’ positive influence has benefited her players

I am writing in support of Deborah Matos in light of her recent suspension. I am a former player of City Honors volleyball (2005-2008). Coach never sugarcoats anything and never babies her players. She’s honest and gives constructive feedback, exactly what a coach should do. She only wants the best and never settles for less. That is what CHS volleyball is about. That is what CHS as a whole is about, hence our motto, “Do more. Be more. Because more is required.” The alleged abuse seems like a misunderstanding of what it takes to do and be more.

Coach didn’t just teach volleyball. She taught life skills, how to be a family and how to be a great student-athlete. On her court, I learned more about leadership, teamwork, dedication, determination, discipline and time-management than I learned in some of my high school classes. I honestly wouldn’t be who I am today without her positive influence.

She demands dedication, determination and discipline from her players because that is what she gives to the sport. She dedicates her time, money and effort, to put us in tournaments against bigger and better schools to make us better athletes. She’s determined to get every team she coaches to states. She shows discipline through her structured coaching plans and policies, and holds herself accountable for everything she does.

If testimonies from former and current players are not enough, the records alone should show the strength of the CHS volleyball program. We are state champions, state finalists, regional finalists, sectional champions and sectional finalists, not to mention, undefeated city champions for over 20 years. Coach’s legacy should be praised and uplifted, not torn down and cast away.

Sherrell McLean


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