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Letter: A sad state of affairs in the Buffalo schools

A sad state of affairs in the Buffalo schools

School Superintendent Pamela Brown requires a consultant, at an exorbitant salary, to assist her in doing her job. This just gets curiouser and curiouser. The consultant does not even live in New York State. This is not the first time that the Buffalo Board of Education has hired an out-of-state person who seems unable to perform her job without hiring additional out-of-state staff.

Brown claims that this consultant dedicates many evening hours and weekends in her consultant role. Considering her salary of almost $300,000, I would expect no less. The reality is that most teachers and administrators spend evening and weekend hours doing their jobs at a much lower level of compensation.

Why does the School Board continue to bypass quality local candidates who already have an understanding of Buffalo Public Schools and New York State education regulations and choose instead candidates who require a long period of getting to know the district and state regulations? If Mary Guinn is so knowledgeable, I suggest we appoint her superintendent and fire Brown. Of course, now it seems that Guinn, even with her exceptional level of expertise, also seems to require additional assistance from more out-of-state individuals. If this was not so outrageous, I could almost laugh.

JoAnn Hess

Retired BPS school counselor


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