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Letter: Paladino’s clarion call is entirely appropriate

Paladino’s clarion call is entirely appropriate

Gary Earl Ross, professor emeritus at the University at Buffalo Educational Opportunity Center, in opining that our school problems are community problems, listed individual entities that would not by themselves be able to correct the situation. The first such entity on his list was “bombastic board member Carl Paladino.” My dictionary describes bombastic thusly: “a use or a user of language more elaborate than is justified by or appropriate to the content being expressed.” I would say Paladino’s clarion call to the community is entirely appropriate to the seriousness of the situation.

I would also wonder if, during his years acquiring “emeritus” standing in educational opportunity, the good professor contributed to the current malaise emblematic as it is of a definite lack of educational opportunity. He seems to be of the “it takes a village” school of thought, however, it was not a village but board members who presided over the decline of our schools.

For example, my district member, Mary Ruth Kapsiak, came to the board in 2007 after having worked as a teacher and supervisor in the district and is a perfect example of someone who is of the problem, by the problem and for the problem.

While it is true that the entire community is involved in school failure, it is as victim and not perpetrator, and were it not for the clear voice of Paladino, the professor might not have been moved to look up from his study of educational opportunity to notice the real world right under his nose where educational opportunity has been on a long vacation.

Jack Joyce


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