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Letter: Inept Congress owes taxpayers a refund

Inept Congress owes taxpayers a refund

I was saddened by the recent report in The News about the Republicans’ newest attempt to cut costs on the backs of the lower class. Some of the tea party Republicans want to save federal money by cutting nearly 4 million people from food stamps. What is striking is how often the solutions to our fiscal crises fall on the backs of the lower and middle classes. Public schools get their budgets trimmed back so less services are available. Mental health facilities are cut so there are fewer patients receiving the help they need – witness the recent Navy Yard shooting.

Recent budget “solutions” are to sequester funds so that tough choices have to be made about federal spending – all that affect the middle and lower classes. And the newest “solution” is to force a government shutdown over a law that was passed by and is supported by a majority of Americans – Obamacare. No matter what your opinion of this law – passed by a majority in Congress – the fact that Congress feels it’s a good use of taxpayer money to continually make symbolic votes against Obamacare while doing nothing of significance is enough to make one wonder how sick our system is.

Why are the lower and middle classes being asked to sacrifice while offshore corporations evade federal taxation, and the top tax brackets maintain the breaks “donated” to them by the George W. Bush administration? Shouldn’t they sacrifice, too?

Until a reasonable budget is passed, no one in Congress should receive pay or health benefits or any other “pay” from taxpayer funds. Maybe that would get members to consider real solutions instead of feeding us the bread and circuses of symbolic votes against Obamacare or making “tough choices” about spending. If Congress members were paid on job performance, I think they’d actually owe all of us a refund.

Scott Horton


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