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Margaret Cho brings ‘Mother’ to Helium Comedy Club

If you like Margaret Cho, you probably love her mother.

With her eyes narrowed, her mouth flat and compressed, and her chin pulled into her neck, during her stand-up act, Cho often transforms herself into her hilarious, insightful Korean-born mother, Young-Hie Cho. Cho delivers her mother’s bon mots in a voice ranging from gravelly to screechy.

Now Cho has built a show around her mother, named, aptly enough, “Mother.” She will perform at 7:30 and 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday in Helium Comedy Club (30 Mississippi St.).

“It’s great because I get to put a lot of emphasis on my own mother,” said Cho. “My mother did not prepare me for the world. First, I was named the poetic Korean name ‘Moran,’ which was perfect for the kids at school to call me ‘moron’ and set me up for a good quarter-century of therapy. However, I can clean a fish with my bare hands. So there are pros and cons of being from an Asian immigrant family.”

For tickets, which are $27, go to Jim Short will open the performances.

– Anne Neville

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