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This week is the unfortunate two-year anniversary of the death of Jamey Rodemeyer, the 14-year-old Williamsville student who committed suicide after being bullied.

This morning, a pop singer paused from her busy schedule to mark the occasion.

“2 years since we lost Jamey Rodemeyer, beloved fan,” the artist Lady Gaga wrote this morning on Twitter. “Suicide at 15. I still pray for his family, may we spread compassion to honor him today.”

After Rodemeyer’s death, Gaga became a champion of sorts for those who wish to put a stop to bullying, particularly on the Internet.

She dedicated a song to the suicide victim in 2011 during the a music festival in Las Vegas. She even called on President Obama and the federal government to take action.

That attention and other community efforts led to calls for the enactment of anti-bullying laws and policies locally and across the state.

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