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Where is moral outrage for other heinous acts?

Oh no, not again. Still another American president decides to take military action against another rogue leader of a country we don’t like – this time because we object so strongly to his apparent use of chemical weapons against his own people. Again?

The “moral outrage” being sold does little for my conscience. Where was the United States in 1994 when African Hutus macheted 500,000 Tutsis? Aren’t there leaders in North Korea who have been starving their people for decades? Aren’t there countless despots around the world who have no more regard for human life than an expense to be paid to further their values? And aren’t there drug kingpins around the world who continue to spread their poison, which kills thousands of Americans every year?

Where is the moral outrage for these circumstances? Why is it that we get to “cherry pick” noble causes? The United States cannot and should not be the Supreme Court for the world. I protest any military actions, where innocents will die, in Syria.

George McNally


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