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Waterfront park is exactly what we need

I applaud Elizabeth Nichols’ article in Another Voice on Sept. 10 in favor of a waterfront park. She brings up many important points, all valid, and I do hope that the planners take heed of her suggestions.

We do need hotel rooms, but they do not need to be on our waterfront. They can be in the city or farther away from our waterfront, where the customers and supply trucks need not bother the tranquility of the proposed park.

We need only think about the thousands of people who enjoyed our Canalside this summer, which was left for the use of us all, to realize the benefits of having a park to complete Frederick Law Olmsted’s vision of Buffalo and its waterfront.

Please reserve the use of the land for a park that all of the residents can enjoy all of the time.

Bonnie Botsford


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