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Letter: Only Syrians can resolve their war

Only Syrians can resolve their war

Once more, President Obama has managed to extricate himself from a deplorable situation. Cognizant of the fact that he would lose face and go down in history as less than an exemplary leader, he has discovered a way to please most of the people and still come up smelling like a rose, or at least a dandelion. By siding with Russia in trying to get Bashar Assad to ban chemical weapons, he also has contrived to avoid a confrontation with Congress that surely would have reduced his ratings even lower than they already are.

As Chris Collins, in his praise for President Vladimir Putin, observed, “He has effectively bailed Obama out so that he wouldn’t have to suffer an embarrassing loss in Congress,” and subsequently with the American people, as well as his place in history.

As Rep. Brian Higgins asserted, while Assad is a brutal dictator, the Syrian conflict is a civil war that only the Syrians can resolve. “When they saw that the votes were not there [in Congress] they needed an out and they found an out.” How convenient.

I am certainly in sympathy with the Syrian people, but it had been shown that the rebels are as equally guilty as Assad.

It is an egregious position for our country when we are relied upon, even expected, to resolve every conflict and battle worldwide. Let us start mending our own fences and taking care of our own citizens. To use a well-worn cliche, charity begins at home. Where is the United Nations in this mess?

Alice Szanyi


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