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Letter: Educating children will help end abuse

Educating children will help end abuse

I work for a school district that is fortunate to have hired New York State’s first elementary health teacher many years ago. Child abuse is one of many units taught to all students in kindergarten through grade five in our four elementary buildings. It is a building-block effect of instruction, so by the time students have reached fifth grade, they have learned about sexual, physical and verbal abuse and neglect.

One of the keys for stopping child abuse is to educate children and stress the importance of them telling a trusted adult. If they tell one adult who doesn’t believe them, they are taught to keep telling until they are believed. I strongly feel that this should be taught to every student in every school throughout the United States. We must educate our beautiful children about the cruelty of this monster. The cycle can be broken by doing this.

So many children have fallen through the cracks of this cruelty. We must not fail anymore; we must speak out by educating our innocent ones.

Mary Lynn Gallagher


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