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Letter: Scare tactics will do more harm than good

Scare tactics will do more harm than good

As someone who has worked in the environmental arena for the past two decades, I am noticing a scary trend in environmental activism and loose science. The My View column, “Help free neighbors from fossil-fuel trap,” has caused me to respond.

I appreciate the author’s opinions on the Barcelona area’s beauty; I am a property owner in the area. However, quotes such as, “gas does more global warming than coal, and you’ll have to frack Chautauqua County to get it” truly take away the credibility of the column. Such scare tactics could cause more damage to our economy than sending all remaining manufacturing overseas.

Since “global warming” has been changed to the more in vogue “climate change” due to recent cooling trends and the fact that the area of Arctic sea ice is 30 percent greater than at this time last year, real science is finally starting to appear in numerous media sources.

Anthropogenic man-made gases (yes, including coal burning) account for less than 4 percent of pollutants in the atmosphere, as most remain volcanic. Changes in the sun (flare) and ocean heat energy absorption are finally being strongly studied as having more to do with climate change than anything man has done to date. The United States will be energy independent this decade thanks to classic American innovation involving hydrofracking oil and gas. HIS Global Insight reports that hydrofracking added the equivalent of $1,200 to real household disposable income in 2012 and has done more to aid lower earners and the less fortunate through a resurgence in manufacturing and affordable energy than anything the Obama years (and Bush years, for that matter) combined.

David Maternowski


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