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Mike Harrington’s Power Rankings for September 15

(Through Thursday’s games. Most recent in parentheses)

1. Atlanta Braves. Weren’t putting up with any fishy stuff from Marlins’ Fernandez. (1)

2. Boston Red Sox. Hard to believe AL East race is over. (2)

3. Los Angeles Dodgers. Need to keep Hanley healthy down the stretch. (3)

4. Pittsburgh Pirates. Someday is now as Byrd, Morneau show promise to go for it was kept. (4)

5. Oakland Athletics. This weekend was chance to put away Rangers. (8)

6. St. Louis Cardinals. Hosting Seattle now? Hate new schedule thinking. (7)

7. Detroit Tigers. Could use Peralta’s bat in postseason off the bench. (5)

8. Cincinnati Reds. Six games left with Pirates provide hope for division title. (9)

9. Texas Rangers. Offense went dry at the worst time. (6)

10. Tampa Bay Rays. Three runs or less in seven of first 11 September games. (10)

11. New York Yankees. Just plain amazing they’re still alive. (11)

12. Cleveland Indians. Memo to Cleveland fans: The Browns stink. This team is in it. Wake up. (12)

13. Washington Nationals. Even going 17-5 is probably too little, too late. (15)

14. Kansas City Royals. Can’t imagine network domos too interested in seeing them sneak into postseason. (14)

15. Baltimore Orioles. Just 16-27 in one-run games. Last year was a fluke. (13)

16. Arizona Diamondbacks. Nothing to look forward to other than next season’s opener in Australia vs. Dodgers. (16)

17. Los Angeles Angels. On 15-5 run without Pujols. Hmmm. (18)

18. Philadelphia Phillies. Rollins to become 10th player in MLB history with 200 homers, 400 steals. (19)

19. Toronto Blue Jays. Dickey first to 200 innings in AL East. (20)

20. Colorado Rockies. Meet Cards, Red Sox, Dodgers in nine of last 12. Good luck. (17)

21. Seattle Mariners. Not easy to say something about teams like this every week. (22)

22. San Diego Padres. See Mariners. (23)

23. San Francisco Giants. Lose to Blackbeard in first reunion. (24)

24. New York Mets. Another complete September white flag. (21)

25. Minnesota Twins. Headed for third straight 90-loss season. (25)

26. Milwaukee Brewers. Need to simply wipe this year off the calendar. (26)

27. Chicago Cubs. Need to wipe many of the last 100 years off the calendar. (27)

28. Chicago White Sox. Outscored, 24-4, in three straight losses. (28)

29. Miami Marlins. So is it Fernandez or Puig for NL ROY? (29)

30. Houston Astros. Will lose No. 100 this week. (30)

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