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Letter: Let’s save St. Ann before it’s too late

Let’s save St. Ann before it’s too late

We’ve seen many pictures of the outside of St. Ann Church, which obviously doesn’t do it justice. Publishing pictures of the inside would certainly indicate that demolition is not acceptable. As another writer stated, the churches in Europe are hundreds of years old and are cared for as national treasures. I doubt if our bishop has even set foot in this magnificent church. If he has, how could he want to destroy it?

The stained-glass windows are incredibly beautiful, but must be covered on the outside to preserve and prevent them from being vandalized because of the neighborhood and its location on Broadway. If anyone has driven in that area, especially from Bailey Avenue to Main Street, one can see that block after block should be demolished. There are entire blocks of empty buildings. I fear for the firefighters if they have to battle a fire there. It looks like a war zone.

Buildings should be preserved. The Central Terminal, which was once beautiful, was stripped and now, when it’s too late, people want to reclaim it. The preservationists who worried about the Bethlehem Steel building, after being empty for 30 years, should try to preserve this gem before it’s too late.

All former students and parishioners are truly saddened and feel helpless about the situation. (Maybe since the pope tweets, we should see if he’ll answer us and solve our dilemma.)

Dianne Rusch-Richter

East Amherst

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