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Letter: Decline of family is causing schools’ woes

Loss of nuclear family is causing schools’ woes

Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently indicated that “We’re not going to allow another generation of children to be failed by a failing bureaucracy.” As a former U.S. secretary of HUD, Cuomo should be well aware that the real problem is unwed mothers producing neglected children.

He should also be well aware that our politicians have enabled this behavior by providing aid for neglected children and creating jobs and housing for unwed mothers. According to a recent report by the Heritage Foundation, in 1963 only 7 percent of America’s births were by unwed mothers compared to the current rate of 40 percent. Other studies indicate that the current rate for African-Americans is 75 percent; for Hispanics, 50 percent; for non-Hispanic whites, 28 percent; and for Asian-Americans, 16 percent.

Neglected children fail in our schools and seek crime as a means of income. To reduce this neglect, I recommend that Cuomo create a policy stating that men who are unwilling to parent their children should not impregnate women.

I recommend that this policy be jointly implemented by School Superintendent Pamela Brown, Buffalo Teachers Federation President Philip Rumore and District Parent Coordinating Council President Samuel L. Radford III. Their program will reduce crime and reduce the $22,000 per capita cost of educating children in the Buffalo School District.

Michael F. Patterson

Clarence Center

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