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Letter: Collins should engage in serious discussion

Collins should engage in serious discussion

It’s striking that an article concerning the thoughtful, probing conversation between an area teacher and Secretary of State John Kerry over the Syria crisis should be seated next to an article describing the shocking disrespect accorded President Obama by Rep. Chris Collins over the same topic in the Sept. 11 News.

The teacher, Drew Beiter, recalled some of the questions he’d asked Kerry, including a description of the massive refugee crisis and horrific killings taking place in Syria. Collins seemed to ignore that tragic story entirely and only concentrated his remarks on making sure the president received verbal backhands, including that the president’s speech on Sept. 10 “strengthened Russia … and frankly strengthened Assad.” Incredibly, Collins went on to say that the proposed diplomatic solution to this crisis made Russian President Vladimir Putin, noted for his KGB career and countless human rights abuses against his own people, “eligible for the Nobel Peace Prize.”

I would suggest that Collins sit in on some of Beiter’s classes until he can sort out the difference between serious discussion and ridiculous sarcasm.

Judith Geer


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