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Wilson due to update master plan

WILSON – The Wilson Town Board intends to do something that hasn’t been done in nearly half a century when it adopts an updated master plan Wednesday, according to Supervisor Joseph A. Jastrzemski.

If the Town Board adopts the document at its 7 p.m. regular board meeting, the Wilson Village Board intends to follow suit and adopt the joint document the following day at its 7 p.m. regular board meeting.

“It’s important to have a master plan when you are seeking grant money,” Jastrzemski said, “but it is also a road map for future town leaders to help grow the town.”

This document updates the comprehensive plan the town and village developed in 1966.

“The changes we needed made have been made, and we’re ready,” said Village Mayor Bernard “Bernie” Leiker. “I’m happy. It’s been a long process.”

Leiker noted that while the town remains largely agricultural, the document provides guidelines for the town to develop – both residentially and commercially – in close proximity to the borders of the village due to access to the wastewater treatment plant.

“The village doesn’t have much room for expansion, but there is a lot of land bordering the village which has been zoned agricultural but it’s not being used as farmland anymore,” Leiker added. “It’s empty land, and it would just have to be rezoned. It would be wonderful to develop that land, because it would expand our tax base.”

Leiker agreed that having a master plan in place is an important tool in seeking state and federal grant money.

“It gives the grant-reader an idea of where the town and village are moving forward – where development can be made and where it should be made,” Leiker said.

Jastrzemski credited Wendel Duchscherer of Amherst, which created the plan, and Michael Seeley, chairman of the Wilson Planning Board, who also headed the master plan committee.

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