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Letter: Retired teacher needs to stop his whining

Retired teacher needs to stop his whining

Oh, please! To quote Lily from “Modern Family,” shall we call a “wambulance” for the author of the Sept. 10 letter “Teacher pensions are taxed at federal level”? Aren’t we all taxed at whatever bracket our household income falls into? I am a registered nurse who has been employed for almost 40 years. I was fortunate to have worked part time for many of them, but even if I had worked full time, my pension might have been around $2,800 per month.

Also, the writer states he spends $500 a month for health insurance in retirement. How lucky is he that we, the taxpayers, helped pay his health insurance costs during his working years? Too bad most of us are not that lucky. Those of us who work in health care must pay for our health insurance in retirement (as we did throughout our working years, I might add). Why does he make it sound as though his pension is not really $5,800 per month? Does he think the rest of us don’t have to pay taxes or health care? I believe they are called “living expenses.”

Maybe, if he is having a problem with his retirement expenses, he should have been supplementing his working income all those summers off and during holiday vacations. Many nurses work without a summer vacation due to short staffing, and work on holidays caring for their hospitalized patients.

Linda Smith, R.N.

East Aurora

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