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Higgins has accomplished a great deal for our region

I found a recent letter highly critical of Rep. Brian Higgins very puzzling. The author decried Higgins as someone exemplary of “gridlock in Washington,” who we see or hear from only at election time or when he is looking for publicity on the local news.

In reality, Higgins is the hardest-working elected official in this region. Look at the development that has occurred since his time in Congress: completely new waterfront areas in Buffalo, and record job creation at the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

What’s more, people all over this region are bullish on Buffalo again. That includes those of us raised in the suburbs who have often questioned the efficacy of city leadership. Much of that new energy and enthusiasm, I submit, is due to the good work Higgins has done.

As President Abraham Lincoln suggested, no one pleases all of the people all of the time, and the author of the letter may have a personal issue with Higgins. That is his right. But while the author has a right to his own opinion, he cannot create his own facts. The vast preponderance of the evidence suggests the wisdom of ensuring that voters keep Higgins doing what he does best – fighting hard for the people of Western New York.

Kerry Zelazny


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