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Why can’t drivers be considerate of cyclists?

I am writing about the alarming number of motorcycle and bicycle accidents. I am a 71-year-old bike rider. I have cycled 62,000 miles since 2000. From what I have personally seen, it appears to me that a person driving a car or truck is mentally focused to look for other cars and trucks and nothing else.

I have had hundreds of close calls where I was cut off or not yielded the right of way. Not to mention that many drivers are rude and inconsiderate and seem to feel someone on a cycle does not have any rights.

What ever happened to common sense? New York State law says that a bicycle is considered a moving vehicle and may share the road with motorized vehicles. It is unreal how many drivers cut off or fail to yield to the motorcycle or bicycle rider with no regard for the lack of protection cyclists have. What is going on is sad.

John Lutz

Orchard Park

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